Constant Contact Integration with Pipeliner CRM

Easy to setup and deploy, SyncApps enables the automatic two-way synchronization between Constant Contact and Pipeliner CRM. With SyncApps, save time, save money, and create more targeted marketing and sales campaigns.

Integration Check List:

  1. You must have a unique server API user account for Pipeliner CRM. To create the account, please follow these steps:
    • A. Pipeliner User Account is required. You can use the API key for a free of charge during your 14-days free trial or during the Pipeliner subscription. However, you will need one Pipeliner user account in order to connect to Pipeliner from external source. It means that one Pipeliner license is required.
    • B. Admin Role is required. The Pipeliner user you are using for connecting to Pipeliner must have the Admin role.In order to assign an admin role to a Pipeliner user, please perform following steps:- Click on the “User” and select “Administration from drop down menu.- Click on “Users & Sales Units”. - Click on the “Edit” icon within the action column for the corresponding Pipeliner user. - From the drop down menu pick the Standard user & admin role. - Check the Sales Unit Membership as Member and click “Save”. For more information follow this link.
    • C. API Key is required. In order to get API access and API Key, follow the steps below:- Click on the “User” and select “Administration” from drop down menu. - Click on "Sales Pipeline" and "API Access" - From the main navigation menu click on the "Show API Access Details and use these details to connect your external source to Pipeliner. - Please note, that API Token is used as Username in SyncApps.
  2. You must have your unique Constant Contact account first.
  3. You must sign up for SyncApps account.

Integrate Constant Contact with Pipeliner CRM

In order to start the integration Constant Contact with Pipeliner CRM, please Sign in to your SyncApps account first.

Create a Sync Profile

  1. Click on the button "Create a New Sync Profile"
  2. Connect your Pipeliner CRM API user account. - Give your new sync profile a name. - Choose "Pipeliner to Constant Contact Sync" from the drop-down menu.
  3. Connect your Pipeliner CRM API user account - Please enter Username, Password and Team Pipeline ID from the API keys. Use API Token from Pipeliner as Username - Check Sync Campaign Responses if you want to see campaign response in Pipeliner
  4. Connect your Constant Contact account - Please enter your Constant Contact credentials - Check “Do not sync new contacts from Constant Contact” if you do not want to import Constant contact contacts into Pipeliner as new contacts
  5. Enable or Disable Sync Add-ons if necessary. Currently only GetSatisfaction is available. 
  6. Field Mapping You can map custom fields from within Pipeliner and Constant contact in this screen: - Please check Enable Additional Field Mappings first, then select matching fields from Pipeliner and Constant Contact. Click on Add mapping to confirm. - To add more fields, please repeat the previous step. 
  7. Sync Scheduling - Select time and interval in which you want to sync the data. - Please note, that this feature is not available in trial, you will have to sync manually. 

Constant Contact synchronization

To ensure synchronization was correct please check:

  • If correct contact group (e.g. “Pipeliner”) has been created after synchronization.
  • If all contacts were imported properly by clicking on the group name.

Please note, that accounts with duplicate or empty email addresses will not be synced. [alert]Due to SyncApps issue, email change may not be synchronized. If you want to change email address, this has to be done manually or you will have to create new contact instead of updating the existing one.[/alert]

Track emails in Pipeliner

You can track all the data available for the account from constant contact in Pipeliner (e.g. Opening email, clicking on links)

  1. Log in to Pipeliner and select Accounts and Contacts.
  2. Search for the desired Contact and double click on it.
  3. Select Feeds from the menu. You will see all the email activities done by the contact. 
  4. Please note, that it is necessary to Synchronize Pipeliner first in order to see current data. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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