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Pipeliner Integration with MS SharePoint and Office 365 enables you to integrate your documents from SharePoint into Pipeliner. In order to open, edit and share your documents from your SharePoint account, you need to activate this integration first.

Integration Check List:

  1. You must have your unique MS SharePoint or MS Office 365 account first.

Integrate SharePoint with Pipeliner CRM

You can activate the SharePoint Integration within the "Administration".

  1. Click on the “User” and select “Administration” from drop down menu.
  2. Click on “Sales Pipeline”.
  3. Click on “Integrations”.
  4. Click on the “Add” icon.
  5. Enter your SharePoint address in the following format http://[Your Company Name][Your Main Directory Name]/* and click on the "Save" button.
* The correct SharePoint URL structure:
  1. Use your own SharePoint URL link. Example:
  2. Which SharePoint URL can be used to connect?

Attach the SharePoint document into Pipeliner:

You can now attach any file from SharePoint to your sales opportunities.

  1. Mouse-over the opportunity to which you would like to attach document and click on the “Attach Document” (paper-clip icon).
  2. Click on "SharePoint"
  3. Login to your SharePoint.
  4. Select the desired document and click "Save". Please note, that files are linked from Sharepoint and are not stored in the Pipeliner database.
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