Reset team space in Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM allows you to reset your Sales Space during trial period once to start again from the scratch. Reseting your sales space removes all data and customizations you have made which means that you will have to configure your sales space once again!

How to reset Pipeliner CRM Sales Space?

In order to reset your Sales Space please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on your Profile and select “Administration” from drop down menu.
  2. Click on “General” to see the Pipeline Overview.
  3. Search for Reset Space and click on Reset button.
  4. You sales space will be reset and all data and customizations removed.
  5. Sign out from Pipeliner CRM.
  6. Sign in back to Pipeliner CRM.

After resetting you Sales Space, you will be able to start from scratch. In order to see the changes please sign out and in to Pipeliner with your Pipeliner account login data which you have received after your signed up for the Pipeliner trial. Please do the same on your mobile, in a case that you use Pipeliner for Mobile.

When Can I reset Pipeliner CRM Sales Space?

  • You have to be running TRIAL version of Pipeliner CRM i.e. you cannot reset Sales Space once you upgrade to the paying subscription!
  • You can use the reset process ONLY once. During that process Pipeliner CRM removes your database and create a new empty database.
  • This process cannot be used when cleaning up the data from your database e.g when you imported wrong set of data. In a case you need to remove wrongly imported data you need use bulk delete options instead.
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