Connect and Sync Google Contacts to Pipeliner CRM

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Google Contacts for Pipeliner CRM allows you to synchronize your Google Contacts between Pipeliner CRM and a dedicated Pipeliner CRM Google Contacts Folder that Pipeliner CRM creates during initial connection.

Learn how to connect your Google account with Pipeliner CRM:

Synchronization Check List:

  1. You must have your unique Google account first.

How to set up the synchronization

You can activate the Google Application within the “Account Settings”

  1. Click on the “User name” and select “Account Settings” from drop-down menu.
  2. Click on “Apps”.
  3. Find Google Contacts and click “Activate”.

How to Sync Google Contacts with Pipeliner

In order to finish the sync process, you need to synchronize Pipeliner. After synchronizing, Pipeliner will create a separate stand-alone folder within your Google contacts.  Tip: In order to sync Google contacts to Pipeliner, please copy them into the Pipeliner folder in your Google Contacts folder.

Other Google App Features & Tips

  • E-mail notification when the changes on contacts have been made (please note, that every synchronization sends a notification)
  • The integration itself enables you to sync only private contacts
  • Only the default Google fields are being synced to Pipeliner (custom fields are not synchronized)
  • Unlimited contacts sync

Please note, that Secondary phone and Emails 3 to 5 are currently not mapped and therefore will not synchronize.

Only listed fields may be synchronized. Please note, that if any of the fields not liste is marked as required in the Pipeliner, Google will NOT create new Contacts in Pipeliner. It will however be possible to update existing Contacts.


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