Google Sheets Add-On for Submission Forms

Pipeliner CRM Google Sheets Add-On for Submission Forms is built to quickly capture lead, opportunity, contact and account from Google Form attached to your website or email into Pipeliner CRM Desktop app.

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About Pipeliner CRM Google Sheets Add-On for Submission Forms

Pipeliner CRM Google Sheets Add-On for Submission Forms enables you to use your Google forms attached to your website as a record capturing tool for Pipeliner CRM.

Add Pipeliner CRM Forms Google Sheets Add-On Now

How does it work?

With Google Forms you can create beautiful online web forms attached to your website, for example "contact us" or lead forms. With Pipeliner Google Add-On you can capture those forms' submissions directly to Pipeliner CRM. The Pipeliner Google Add-On allows you to add leads, opportunities, accounts or contacts to Pipeliner, directly from your company's Google form. Pipeliner CRM Google Add-On enables you to create new:

  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Contacts

The precision of this integration means you can map your Google form data exactly to where it belongs in Pipeliner. Then, when a website visitor fills in the Google form and submits the data, Pipeliner Google Add-On auto-creates the new lead, opportunity, account or contact right in Pipeliner CRM.

What are the system requirements?

  • Google Account - You need to have a Google account, from which you can access Google Sheets and Google Forms.
  • Pipeliner Account - You need to have Pipeliner Account. If you do not have one yet, do not hesitate to sign up for Pipeliner CRM.

What skills are required?

  • You need to have a common understanding of how Google Forms works. However, we have prepared a some useful help resources for you, to get you started in a couple of minutes. Just follow this step by step guide to learn how to set up Pipeliner CRM Google Add-On. We believe you can do it ;)

Step by Step Guide for Pipeliner Google Add-On If you prefer to watch the step-by-step video guide, just watch it below. To review all the steps in writing, jump directly below  the video.

Introducing Pipeliner CRM Google Add-On (Lead Capture Example)

The guide below describe the step-by-step guide to configure Pipeliner Google Add-on for the Lead Capture Process. However, you can use it to also capture  contacts, accounts or opportunities directly to Pipeliner CRM.

Screencast: Play in a new window.

#1: Install Pipeliner Google Add-On

During this process you will activate Pipeliner Google Add-on within your Google Sheets account.

  • Sign in to your Google Account and Go to the Google Drive.
  • Start a new spreadsheet by clicking on the "New" button and selecting "Google Sheets" tile option. Note: Google Forms are connected to your Google spreadsheet. The lead capture process creates a record in both the Google Spreadsheet and in Pipeliner--so your web form submissions will be stored in this spreadsheet as well as in Pipeliner. These two records are not connected to each other. Pipeliner CRM Google Create New Sheets
  • Go to the "Add-ons" and click "Get add-ons". Pipeliner CRM Google Sheets Get Add-On
  • Search for Pipeliner within the search bar, and click the "Free" button in order to activate Pipeliner Google Add-on. Pipeliner CRM Google Sheets Add Pipeliner
  • Review the permissions, and you are ready to go. Pipeliner CRM Google Sheets Review Permissions

Once you have activated it, you can access a simple guide that guides you through the process of setting up Pipeliner Google Add-on. You can now find the Pipeliner Google Add-on under "Add-ons".

#2: Connect the Pipeliner CRM API Key

During this process you will connect Pipeliner to the Google Sheet.

  • In order to access Pipeliner API Key you need to have Pipeliner Admin rights. Sign in to Pipeliner CRM Admin Portal using your Pipeliner Account.
  • Within the "My Dashboard" scroll down and find the "My Pipeline" section. Click on the "Select" icon (with the check-mark on it) Pipeliner CRM Admin Select Space
  • You are now on the General tab of your Pipeliner space. On the very bottom you will find the Pipeliner API Key. Click on the "Key" icon in order to access it. Pipeliner CRM Admin Obtain API Key
  • Copy the API access key to the Pipeliner Google Add-on API settings. Pipeliner CRM API Settings Updated
  • Click "Save settings" in order to save the API Key. Pipeliner Google Add-on tells you if you copied it correctly.

After successful configuration of the API Key, you can now connect your Google Form with the Pipeliner Form.

#3: Connect the Google Form to Pipeliner Form

In order to start your lead capture process, you need to map the Google Form fields with Pipeliner Lead form fields. Quick Tip: We have prepared three templates you can use. These templates map the default fields from Pipeliner CRM and consists of pre-defined Google Form fields accordingly. You do not need to perform any mapping.

  • In this scenario, we use the Lead Capturing Template we created for you. Within the Pipeliner Form Capturing Settings, pick up "Lead" template. Pipeliner CRM Select Template
  • Review the Form Capturing Settings
    • Enabling/Disabling Capturing Process
    • Form Mapping
    • Email Notifications Pipeliner CRM Review Capturing Settings
  • Click "Save" in order to save the mapping scheme.

Now, you can start to use your Google Form in order to capture records to Pipeliner CRM.

#4: Fill in the Google Form Questions

In order to access your Google Form and submit it's first submission follow these steps:

  • Click on "Form" > "Go to live form". Pipeliner CRM Review Google Form and Questions
  • Fill-in the live form. Note: You can customize this form according to your business. In this scenario we use the default Google customization. Pipeliner CRM Online Google Form
  • Click "Submit".

This lead capture process will create a new record in your Google Spreadsheet as a one dedicated row and one new lead in Pipeliner CRM. Pipeliner CRM Lead Capture in Google Sheet

Note: If you do not want to use Pipeliner Templates, you can easily create your own Google Form Questions and map them with the fields of the corresponding Pipeliner form.

#5: Review the submission in Pipeliner CRM

After your web visitor fills in the web form and clicks "submit," the new lead will be created in Pipeliner CRM in couple of seconds.

  • Run Pipeliner CRM on your desktop
  • Go to "Leads." You can see the number of new leads by its corresponding "red" number within the icon.
  • Filter the Leads according to the date of creation (Tip: Create a dedicated Profile for it in order to access it quickly). Pipeliner CRM Lead Capture in Pipeliner
  • And start to work with the lead in Pipeliner.

Now you can start capturing records with Pipeliner Google Sheets Add-on in seconds.


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