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With the Pipeliner CRM Automata release, we bring another useful update to Pipeliner CRM Template Designer. This time, you can related to dropdown menus to each other,  and make their choices dependent on each other. We call these dynamic dropdowns. Learn how to create cascading dynamic dropdowns that display choices depending on the value selected in a previous dropdown. Keep reading...

What is Dynamic Dropdown?

With Pipeliner’s Dynamic Dropdowns feature, you can now create nested dropdown menus. For example, a user will click on a specific sales territory within the first dropdown, and the second cascading dropdown menu of reps will only show reps for that territory.

Screencast: Play in a new window.

How can I create cascading dynamic dropdowns?

In order to create a cascading dynamic dropdown, please follow these steps:

  1. Run Pipeliner CRM
  2. Click on your profile picture on the top-right part of the application. Pipeliner CRM Access User Profile
  3. Click on “Administration”. Pipeliner CRM Access Administration
  4. Within the navigation menu of Pipeliner Admin, select “Fields and Forms”. Pipeliner CRM Open Fields & Forms
  5. Pick the form you would like to edit, and add a picklist to it. In our case we will alter the opportunity form as we show you how to create a cascading dynamic dropdown for “Services”. Pipeliner CRM Open Opportunity Form
  6. Click the "Edit Form". Pipeliner CRM Edit Opportunity Form
  7. Click "Create New Field". Pipeliner CRM Create New Custom Field
  8.  From the available options, find “Dropdown”. Pipeliner CRM Custom Field Dropdown
  9. Give a name to, and create all the options within the dropdown choices. Pipeliner CRM Custom Field Dropdown Setup
  10. Drag and drop the field into the form. This was the first dropdown. Pipeliner CRM Add Field to a Form
  11. Now, we need to create it's dependent dynamic dropdown. Click "Create New Field" again. Pipeliner CRM Create Another Custom Field
  12. Give a name to, and create all the options within the dropdown choices. Pipeliner CRM Nested Dropdown Setup
  13. On the very bottom of the field configuration you will find "This dropdown is dependent on:" and the list of all your available dropdowns. Pick the one you just created. Pipeliner CRM Link Nested Dropdown
  14. Map the values from the depending dropdown to the choices from this dropdown. Pipeliner CRM Setup Dynamic Dropdowns
  15. Save it and drag and drop the field into the form. Pipeliner CRM Add Dropdown to a Form
  16. Publish your changes. Pipeliner CRM Publish Customization

How can I use a cascading dynamic dropdowns?

If you would like to use a recently created cascading nested dropdown, you need to open the sales opportunity.

  1. Run Pipeliner
  2. Sync the customization changes. Pipeliner CRM Sync Application
  3. Double click on the opportunity you would like to edit (or click the "Open" icon within the opportunity quick-view).
    Pipeliner CRM Open Sales Opportunity
  4. Here you can find your recently created dropdowns. From the first dropdown select the option you would like to have.
    Pipeliner CRM Dynamic Dropdown First Selection
  5. Then select the option from the dropdown number two. As you can see within the second dropdown, it displays choices depending on the value selected in a previous dropdown. Pipeliner CRM Cascading Dynamic Dropdowns


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