How to use last opened & favorites?

Pipeliner allows you to use Recently opened and Favorite entities in order to make your work more simple. Learn, how you can use them:

How to use Favorites

Pipeliner allows you to favorite any of Leads, Opportunities, Contacts and Accounts. These will be visible under the Favorites list.

Mark Favorite

  1. Open Entity detail.
  2. Click on the Star icon in the Entity extract or next to the Entity name. You do not need to save the entity in order to apply changes. 
  3. You can remove Favorite by clicking on the star icon again.

Access Favorites List

  1. Click on the Star icon in the Pipeliner top right corner next to your username.
  2. Select any entity you want to open. Entities are grouped by type to Opportunities & Leads, Accounts and Contacts. 
  3. You may Remove entity from favorites list by clicking on the Star icon next to it.

How to use Recently Opened

To make search easier, you can select from the list of 100 recently opened entities before you start searching.

Recently opened entities shows only entities you have opened and are stored locally and therefore are not synchronized to other devices you are using.
  1. Click to the Global search field.
  2. While there is no input, list of the recently viewed entities will be shown ordered by the last time you opened it. 
  3. You can scroll through the list and open any entity detail view by clicking on its name.
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