Forecast Reports in Pipeliner CRM

Forecast Reports allow you set, track and manage quotas for people, territories or pipelines.

On the following link you may find a video guide on how to create and use Forecast Reports in Pipeliner CRM.

How to create a Forecast?

To create a Forecast it is enoguh just to proceed as following:
1. Select Reports from the bottom bar of Pipeliner and click on Management Reports

2. In the upper right corner click on Create New and select Forecast

3. On the following screen you must enter the Forecast name, Forecast Field, Forecast period, Forecast type and Forecast per

Please note that Period and Sales unit are selected as by default option

4. On the next screen, you may select a Sales Units for this specific Forecast

View settings

If you would click on the Cogwheel button in the upper right corner, you would be able to set the displayed data for this specific Forecast.

Please note that users may see in the Forecast the data that they are visible for them. For example, the sum of Private entries would be visible ONLY to their owner.

1. Configure Forecast Data Set - This allows you to show specific Users, Pipelines or Sales Units in the Forecast
2. Rows aggregation - This allows you to set thhe order of the rows displayed
3. Won + Open Calcuulated by - Sets the Won and Open Opportunities by selected criteria
4. Compare Open Opportunities by - Sets the Won and Open Opportunities by selected criteria - sets the type of open value (unweighted / weighted / ranked / balanced ) which is used in calculation of values in column 'Won + Open vs. F'cast'
 5. Compare Won Opportunities by -  Compares Open Opportunities by selected criteria - enables to split (or compare) Open values by selected criteria 

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