How can I use Recurring Tasks?

One of the most asked for and voted ideas in our idea forum is recurring tasks. For that reason we are super excited to announce that with the upcoming release of Pipeliner CRM, you will be able to set up recurring tasks.

About Pipeliner CRM Continuity

With Pipeliner CRM Continuity, we are demonstrating absolute continuity in optimizing the application, and in streamlining and supercharging sales activities throughout the world.

We took the name, as we have been doing for the last several years, from an ancient work–in this case the Law of Continuity. The Law of Continuity is a principle introduced by German mathematician and philosopher Gottfried Leibniz in 1701, and is the principle that “whatever succeeds for the finite, also succeeds for the infinite”.

Translating this over to business, what is a salesperson doing today, every day, every hour, every minute? Activities. Everything is an activity–a task, appointment, meeting, call, sending of collateral, and more. It’s the tasks and activities that make it possible for opportunities to rapidly move from stage to stage of the sales process–creating continuity throughout the sales pipeline. For that reason, enhancement of Pipeliner CRM’s powerful Sales Activities functionality is at the heart of this release.

Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks are directly related to the due date of the tasks themselves. When you complete a recurring task, the entry will roll to the next date you’ve selected.

When creating recurring tasks, the time expression has two main parts:

  • Recurrence Pattern
    • or the dates when the task is recurring.
  • Recurrence Duration
    • Start date – When the recurring tasks should start to recur.
    • End date – When the recurring tasks should be stopped.


  • Weekly Sales Meetings – You can set up the task recurrence pattern and duration as follows:Every Monday for the next 8 weeks from today’s date till end-of-year 2016.

Pipeliner CRM Recurring Tasks

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