How to Link a Single Activity to Multiple Records

With Pipeliner CRM Continuity you supercharge your sales activities throughout the world!

Recently, through exclusive sneak peeks, we have shown you the appointment planner and recurring tasks. Now we bring you even more.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that with the release of Pipeliner CRM Continuity, you can now link a single activity to multiple records in Pipeliner CRM. This feature is called Activities 1-to-Any.

Here is how you can link a single task to multiple contacts and opportunities at once:

About Linking a Single Activity to Multiple Records in Pipeliner CRM

As we were reading your comments on this improvement via the Pipeliner CRM Idea Portal, we understood that this feature is extremely useful for many use cases. Thank you!

It is important to be able to link a single activity to different record types, and mix them as your business requires. Here are some examples:

  • Appointment – I have an appointment with multiple contacts on a dedicated opportunity. Just link a single appointment to those contacts and link to it that (we hope) winning opportunity.
  • Task – You have to work on a paper for a bigger company. Link a single task to that account, and also link all relevant contacts to that account.
  • Call – You have a call about a potential lead with a contact A from account B. Link all those three records to a single call!

What about limitations?

  • You can link a single activity to any of the main records in Pipeliner: opportunities, leads, accounts or contacts–and mix them all together.
  • There is no limitation on the number of records you can link to a single activity.
  • You need to have Business Pipeliner CRM Account.

How to Link a Single Activity to Multiple Records in Pipeliner CRM

In order to link a single activity to multiple records in Pipeliner follow these steps:

Editor’s Note: I’ll pick an example from Matt, that he provided in the Pipeliner CRM Idea Forum. “In one meeting I can meet with an an investor, a hotel owner, a real estate developer, and a management company about one or two opportunities”:

Pipeliner CRM Linking Single Activity to Multiple Records over Idea Forum

Here is how:

  1. Run Pipeliner CRM
  2. Click on Activities.
    Pipeliner CRM Access Activities
  3. Click on “Create New Activity”. The “create” window for the activity will be opened.
    Pipeliner CRM Create New Activity
  4. From the “Activity Type” options, select “Appointment”. (Tip: You can customize this list through Admin › Common Lists › Activity Types)
    Pipeliner CRM Create New Appointment
  5. Enter the appointment main information–that is, subject, description, from and to, date and location.
    Pipeliner CRM Activity Linking Setup
  6. Now, we are going to link this single activity to an account. Click on “Browse”.
    Pipeliner CRM Activity Linking Browse
  7. By default, you can add “Accounts” first. Find the account and check it. And the end just click “Select” to link it to this appointment.
    Pipeliner CRM Activity Link Account
  8. This is how you link a single record to a single appointment. Now, click on the “Add Linked Items” button and we will now link all contacts involved.
    Pipeliner CRM Activity Link Contacts
  9. Now, you can repeat these steps and add a sales opportunity to this appointment. Great. We have just linked a single appointment to 1 account, 1 opportunity and 3 contacts.
    Pipeliner CRM Activity Link Opportunity

This feature is really great as it enables you to fully interlink your data. Plus, you can view all those linked records in the activity detail or even report on it. But that’s the topic for the next week.

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