Scan Business Cards into Your Pipeliner Contact List

When meeting with contacts and partners, you often obtain business cards. We understand that manually entering a new contact into Pipeliner CRM from a business card can be time consuming. Therefore, we put together these instructions to show you how you can automate this process using free services you can find online.

Must have checklist

  • You need to have the latest release of Pipeliner CRM.
  • Here is how you can check your current version:

Here is how you can upgrade to the latest Pipeliner CRM version.

How to Scan a Business Card and Create a New Contact in Pipeliner CRM

If you are already using latest the latest version of Pipeliner CRM, you can follow these steps to scan a business card and create a new contact in your Pipeliner CRM Contacts list.

#1: Set up the Integration Between FullContact-Zapier-Pipeliner CRM

The very first thing that needs to be done is on the Zapier side–that is, set up the integration between these three services.

  1. Sign in to your FullContact Account.
  2. Sign in to your Zapier Account.
  3. Go to Zapier and click on “Make a Zap”.1.png
  4. Within the Search Bar type “FullContact” and select it.2.png
  5. Select the FullContact Trigger “New Business Card” and click the “Save + Continue” button.3.png
  6. Click on the “Connect a New Account” button. Follow the activation steps and connect your FullContact with Zapier.4.png
  7. Once set up, click on “Save + Continue”.
  8. In the set up Options you may leave the fields blank, click on "Continue" and then click on "Fetch & continue" on the following screen
  9. After a successful test, click “Continue” to set up a Pipeliner account.
  10. Within the Search Bar type “Pipeliner” and select it.5.png
  11. Select the Pipeliner Action “Create Contact” and click “Save + Continue”.6.png
  12. Click on the “Connect a New Account” button. Follow the activation steps and connect Pipeliner with Zapier via Pipeliner API access keys.
  13. Once set up, click on “Save + Continue”.7.png
  14. Define the Template to match the data from FullContact to Pipeliner. Here you can map the fields between the FullContact Contact Form and the Pipeliner Contact Form. Name, Owner and Sales Unit is required. Do not forget to map email, phone and address as those are the most important pieces of data you can find on business cards.
  15. At the end of this set up you should be able to see the success confirmation message.
  16. Do not forget to “Turn On” the Zap.8.png

With a Free plan from Zapier, you can run 100 tasks per month. That means that you can eventually scan 100 business cards per month and store them as contacts in Pipeliner CRM.

#2: Scan a Business Card using the FullContact App

Once you set up the integration, you can start scanning your business cards using your mobile phone and FullContact App.

  1. Run FullContact on your mobile device.
  2. Place a business card on your table.
  3. Tab the option “Scan Business Card” within FullContact App.
  4. Take a photo of the business card. FullContact now analyzes and transcribes the business card to create a contact.

With a Premium plan from FullContact, you can scan up to 1000 business cards per year.

#3: Enjoy the Automation

Because you have set up the integration in the very first step, you do not need to do anything else but wait until the whole process is executed.

During this process the automation system will perform following steps:

  1. The scanned business card is transcribed to a contact within the FullContact App.
  2. FullContact notifies Zapier that there is a new business card scanned, and that a contact has been created in FullContact.
  3. Zapier syncs the contact between FullContact and Pipeliner CRM.
  4. The scanned business card is created as a new contact in Pipeliner CRM.

On average, the whole process takes about 15+ minutes to finish (as Zapier runs every 15 minutes for a Free Account, and it also takes some time to transcribe the business card to a contact).

What is great about this integration is that you can scan business cards directly–for example at a trade-show or conference. Once you get home your new contacts will be waiting for you on your Pipeliner CRM desktop.

If you are using the Pipeliner CRM Mobile app those contacts are immediately synced to your mobile version as well.

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