Track Sent Emails as an Activity (in reporting and in activity screen)

Today - if an email is sent to a contact, the only record of that email occurring is in the feed section along with social media feeds. Email communication is a type of activity performed by a salesperson but when you go to Activities - it is not tracked. The only way to track it is by adding in a separate entry stating an email was sent which is double work for the individual. Since it is not tracked in Activities, a sent email does not show up on the Management reports. Some how a sent email needs to be tracked without having to perform a double entry to note in Activities that an email was sent. This should be an automated process that the application should recognize and track.



  • This feature is an absolute must, I set a minimum amount activity to measure performance as well as to pay a bonus to the one who produce the most.

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  • Dear Pipeliner CRM Mobile users,

    with the latest release  of Pipeliner CRM Chronology when you click on compose an email via Pipeliner CRM, Pipeliner CRM enables you to log this event as an activity with predefined Email activity.

    Once starting using it you can report accordingly.

    Enjoy new release!

    Radoslav Ciglansky
    PM at Pipeliner CRM

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  • When sending emails through the mobile app I'm not seeing any popup option to log those emails. Am I missing something?

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