Ability to use Closing Dates for Autocalculation

In the opportunity form we have 4 fields for each quarter (Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4) which identifies the revenue % (percentage) of the total revenue % (percentage) estimated due to current year that is identified by “Est Current Year Impact %” field.

The total sum of four quarter must be lower than the percentage estimated for current year.

The fact is that we don’t know how to check this formula taking in account the due date declared by salesperson. Because if on the 2nd of February a salesperson sets the closing date to 31st of April 2017, Q1 is not interested in the revenue share for this year and should be set to 0%, and only from Q2 onward the percentage of revenue due to current year is interested.
Now we need some function that takes in account the closing date within the formula we created. Is there a function that works on date field? something like “month” function to get the month of the closing date > Month(Closing Date(2009,05,19,)) 



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  • My problem is slightly different, but also would benefit from being able to use Closing Dates as Fields for calculating other values.

    I'd like to create a custom field that keys off of the salesperson's entered Closing Date; i.e. Custom Date = Closing Date + 9 months. This "calculate" function is available now for fields that have Integers or other numbers as the Field Type, but not Dates. This way, the Custom Date would automatically adjust each time the Closing Date was adjusted.

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