Insights Tab Needs to Calculate Total of Sub Units to show Overall Business

When I started using PL I did not use sub-units for my geographical office locations.  I recently switched and almost everything about it seems great, being able to quickly and accurately dive through our different regional teams information.  BUT, the insights tab for looking at our overall business is now useless.

The insights tab was one of my biggest assets as a sales manager.  But it does not pull the data for the overall parent account.  It only pulls data for the different sub user groups.  I will no longer be able to see the graphical nature of the insights tab of month to month, week to week, or hopefully if I'm still using PL, year over year sales for our overall business.

This is a huge need for any business manager and something that any business owner would want to see.  Overall business stats.

Your reports are beautiful and allow users to see data quickly and efficiently, but creating sub-units renders them useless.




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