Mass Edit for Activities

It would be very time efficient if there was a way to make mass changes to Activities.

If I have 10 calls to make with a due date and reminder at 10:00AM and I am unable to make these calls and I want to give them a new due date and reminder date, then I am forced to open each activity and make the 2 changes in each.

This means 3 processes per activity.
1- open activity
2- change due date
3- change reminder
4- save the work

10 activities x 4 processes = 40 moves.

This seems to me very troublesome.




  • Take a look at OmniFocus. There you have a list of tasks for each day. There is also a calendar on the left side. If you want to move 5 - 10 tasks to a later day you just mark these task and drag them onto the new date in the calendar. Boom - they are all updated and moved! 

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  • Thank you Arne.

    Does this Omnifocuss integrates with Pipeliner?


    Thank you for your feedback

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