Allowing others to see your calendar appointments without the burden of linking something to each appointment

Currently, pipeliner considers a user's calendar appointments as private. Management can not see an employee's calendar activity unless the user links something to each appointment. This is burdensome for the user. If the user is adding appointments to the Pipeliner Calendar within Outlook (which syncs with Pipeliner), they must go into Pipeliner and link something to each calendar appointment for others to see it. This is a lot of extra work on the user. Pipeliner needs to create a way to make a user's calendar appointments public without adding extra effort on each appointment activity.

Also, if a calendar appointment is created within the Outlook Pipeliner Calendar and a Pipeliner Contact is invited, the sync feature doesn't automatically link the invitee to the appointment within Pipeliner. Pipeliner prompts you to manually link the invitee - see attached screen shot.




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